Plus de 900 km/h à 30 m d'altitude ...

... c'est l'expérience donnée à Vishnu SOM, journaliste de la chaîne NDTV (New Delhi Television).

"... my sortie including a hair-raising ultra-low level run over the sea at no more than 100 feet at a speed nearing 500 knots (926 kilometres per hour).  This was, quite clearly, the most thrilling experience I have ever had on any fighter jet I have flown, far more thrilling than the gravity-defying "thrust-vectored" maneuvers I have experienced on the latest generation of Russian fighters such as the Sukhoi-30 or MiG-35."

"... Flying a mix of Russian Sukhoi-30 heavy fighters, PAKFA stealth fighters being jointly developed in Russia and the Dassault Rafale, the IAF's fighter fleet will have formidable capabilities - covering the entire spectrum of offensive and defensive air operations ..."


Vishnu SOM

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